May 4, 2016

Too Congested

I’m not well tonight. I can’t tell if it is allergies or some contagion brought into my world my a visibly sick Anne Marie, but I have been sneezing since three O’clock.

Today was not a glamorous day. A series of planning meetings and a few ho-hum classes where I felt uninspired and barely productive. I tried to give a rousing book talk Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl, highlighting the power of vulnerable storytelling and the magic of obsessive fandom, but not sure if my message landed on deaf ears. If not deaf ears then really tired, over-worked, it’s late in the year ears.

Listening to some Bikini Kill and getting my Riot Grrrl on. I can’t believe I missed this entire scene when I was nineteen and twenty. I guess I was too blinded by my testosterone fueled angst to know that this scene was evening happening. Not sure if discovering these bands at forty-two is as cool, but there is something still great about unpacking these albums (not on 7 inch singles I bought from an indie record store) but from a Spotify playlist. I wonder if there are scenes like this happening in today’s America. I certainly hope so.

Cruz is out and Trump is one step closer to hosting the reality TV show that we call America. I am too congested to clearly articulate my thoughts on that debacle at this time. I almost feel sorry for Cruz for being such a loser. First his VP falls off on the stage and then he punches his wife on stage. Cruz will be the candidate immortalized by embarrassing animated .Gifs.

We did something unusual after school. We took the girls to see Civil War with a few boarding house kids and Scott and Richard. Kaia loved it. I thought it was two hours of boring uninspired plot and a thirty minute fight scene at the airport that was rad. Antman is still the best Marvel character ever. Skye thought that maybe it was a bit too soon for her to see a movie like this. It was long, confusing and a bit scary. Mairin was just tying not to freeze to death.

It is night and I am spent. Time to crawl into bed and read.

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