June 11, 2016

Peaceful Hum

Today was uneventful but nice and necessary. Didn’t really see anyone or do anything. Had a quick chat with Lee and Cindy at East Coast Park, but the rest of the day was spent hiding from a lingering storm in the semi-darkness at home.

Started the morning with a bike ride for the kids to Starbucks and a skate for me. Took the ole' board out for a cruise and it felt pretty good. My wrist still hurts pretty bad, and I am pretty sure there is something wrong, but I was super careful to just take it easy. The rest of the family biked at a variety of changing speeds while I pumped and kicked and carved and swerved and made my way to our destination. There was a bit more to it than that- zen-like calm, watching the waves and the clouds, the sound of the wheels, the perfect balance between threat of crashing and a peaceful hum, but those thoughts and the words that represent them will be written at a later time.

After lunch at home, we took the girls to basketball and then back home to watch The Lord of the Rings. While the girls had a million questions, and the Orcs might have been a bit too scary, and it might have been too long, they both seemed to be invested in the story. Not sure when or if they will be ready for the second installment, but I hope soon. They are both intrigued by Golem and curious to watch his story.

After the movie it was time for dinner, kids in bed, a bottle or Prosecco and some backlogged episodes of Veep.

That’s it. That’s all. A day of routines and rest. Off to an early weekend bedtime and leaving tomorrow wide open depending on the weather.

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