June 26, 2016

Red Neck

We did not take the California sun seriously enough. Their air was cool, there was a breeze, and it did not feel Singapore hot, so we went easy on the sunscreen. As a result we are all burned. Not majorly, but enough so that we are red and it hurts, but it was worth it. Beautiful day out at Stinson. Sat around and watched kids- play in the freezing surf, play in the sand while we chatted with Richard and Anja. I love how old solid friendships pick up right where you leave them.

Then we were off to Erika’s for dinner. And oh my god! What a dinner. Such a nice evening catching up with Josh and Lacey, Hilary and her husband (Jimmy) and Erika and Mike. Great food. Nice wine. Kids playing. A fire. Music. Old Yearbooks. I was having such a good time I didn’t take any photos. I know Erika took one so I hope she posts it soon, but I cannot say thank you enough. Way too much. Way too kind. And perfect.

Our kids were troopers. They did a full day at the beach and then up till eleven swimming and playing with strangers’ kids. And not one breakdown. It’s time to take this sun burnt, slightly buzzed and totally satisfied body to sleep. I can’t believe we have only be in the US for three days. This is going to be an amazing summer. We are just getting started. 

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