June 25, 2016

Summertime And The Living's Easy

I don’t want to jinx it but, Raisdana’s 1- Jet Lag 0.

Had a great night of sleep last night. All in bed around nine and pretty much slept straight through until eight am. After a quick breakfast at The Depot and a not so quick trip to Verizon and AT&T, we headed toward Samuel P. Taylor Park.

The air smelt like childhood, the sun was warm and the breeze cool. The girls went wild on our short but beautiful hike. It was so great sharing one of my favorite childhood spots. I wish we had more time to actually do some camping or to take a longer hike, but we will have lots more opportunities in the Redwoods, Oregon, Washington and Squamish.

Some random thoughts and observations:

Americans can’t park. Taking up two spots. Parking way outside of the lines. Singaporeans would be appalled. Having said that, they actually let you in when you signal and merge lanes.

Customer service people actually talk you. Erik at AT&T was super helpful and talkative. In Singapore there is no small talk among strangers.

Whole Foods is a Vegetarian/Vegan paradise.

San Rafael is looking a bit rundown. So many empty shops and older buildings. I always forget how many homeless people there are in the USA. Even beyond that there is definitely fringe culture in here that you seldom see in Singapore. People looking a bit wild and dangerous, and this is Marin country of all places.

We had a long talk with the kids about operating on a shorter leash here in the US. We let them navigate malls and public spaces on their own in Singapore, as it is super safe, but we are a bit more concerned here in the US. We might have over done it, as was evidenced when Skyelar asked, “Are there kidnapper and thieves in California?”

First thing Kaia asked before she brushed her teeth, “Can we use the tap water?”

The kids are so excited by everything American. They have each said on a few separate occasions how great and pretty everything is in America. Weird/funny where this pride comes from.

We spent the afternoon visiting with The Doherty’s. Little Tommy was a huge hit. OMG that kid is cute. And now, it is nine pm and we are all ready of bed. Big day tomorrow with friends at the beach.

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