June 24, 2016

The Eagle Has Landed

I’m not sure if I am losing a day or gaining one. It was Thursday when we left and it is still Thursday. All I know is that I am hitting that jet lag wall. We had an easy flight. I watched- 10 Cloverlane, Concussion and finally saw Inception. Concussion was amazing. What a crazy story?

Hit the ground, rented a car and dropped in on the Dohertys for a quick visit, then burritos and Trader Joes. I think I saw Robin there. She looked like she might have recognized me, she looked familiar to me too, but after 20 years out of Marin everyone looks familiar. If that was you Robin, sorry I didn’t say anything. I was in a jet lagged haze and just wanted to be on a couch in the dark.

Being in your hometown after years away is always such a strange feeling. So many things stay exactly the same. Golden Creme Donuts is still right where I put it, but Pinky’s is now a Chipotle.

We are staying at a little two bedroom place on C street around the corner from my High School house. We are all trying to say awake it gets dark, but not so easy.

Not sure what the next few days will look like. Here is what I know for sure- some time in West Marin and Stinson and still hoping for a Saturday night get together. Now that we are in the same timezone hoping to get a few people saying they are down for a few drinks. How does Terrapin Landing at 8pm sound? Drop a line in the comments if you are coming or what to suggest another place. I am easy. 

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