July 26, 2016


The story of today will not, cannot, be written in one night, and especially not tonight. One could only live it right the first time and leave the writing of it for a later date. So this post is a promissory note of telling the story of today at some point in the future.- and of course that is what every story wants: retelling.

There were mountains and coffees and intersecting eco-systems. The squealing of kids and the shaking from snow. Long windy roads and roadside tree stops. A brewery called Wander with a food truck that had a wood pizza oven.

Went on a long hike with Ari where we discussed things that need too be discussed between friends after six years apart. We witness an epic sunset. Came home had a beer, some chocolate cake and now sleep.

It was a pretty spectacular twelve hours.

Grateful and feeling celebratory.

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