July 25, 2016

Odds and Ends

Lots of sun today. Old friends. Small talk and bigger talk. Some coffees. A few beers. Lunch and Dinner. A cocktail. Yam tacos. Glittering sun. A rabbit sighting. Cranky kids. Smiling kids. Tree climbing. Arguing. Board games at restaurants. Book store and blackberries.

Disconnected from the twitter, the news, politics or any stories of death and destruction and the weight of injustices real or perceived.

I saw a few books I wanted, but they are hardbacks, expensive and heavy. Don’t tell me about the kindle. I will buy the expensive heavy books before this trip is done because I am a stubborn aging man.

Tomorrow, we are headed for some sledding on Mt.Baker and maybe another surprise guest coming down from Vancouver. This vacation is never ending and the days keep spilling into each other.

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