July 20, 2016

I Am Sick


Killer mosquitoes attacking pregnant women, progressive elites, thanks to police and veterans, jobs, shrinking middle class, freedom, bureaucracy, Lucifer, change, elite media, god bless America.

Hillary bad. Trump good. Hillary bad. Trump good. Hillary bad. Trump good. Hillary bad. Trump good. Hillary bad. Trump good. Hillary bad. Trump good.

I must hate myself. Oops, I did it again.

It’s a sickness, this politics- this need to look into the abyss, hoping there is an answer. I mean why else would anybody watch Ben Carson call Hillary a worshiper of Lucifer? How else can anyone stomach Chris Christie build a 17 min “case” against Hillary? You have to be a deranged addict to watch Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. And Tiffany Trump and Donald Junior? I am sick and I need help. I even watched the founder of Muslims for Trump guy lead a prayer.

I space it out with some Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers (he is doing some amazing work on Closer Look) but once again I mainlined the RNC tonight and I am left feeling dirty and gross.

Nothing new. Same old lines and lies and pandering. Same old party tricks and politics. The delegates sit bored and slack-jawed like drunken clowns in their funny hats, occasionally roused awake for a wave of chants and fist pumping. At least the nazis had a sense of urgency. These people look to be hopped up on pain killers and Mountain Dew, but alas I digress. This is not a game of name calling, lest I be called a politically correct progressive elite.

The funhouse of mirrors that is America is staring into TV Land, unsure what the hell it is seeing. The reflection looks somewhat familiar, but twisted and menacing. The strobe lights are pumping as we try to assure ourselves that this is just a bad trip. The sun will rise again, we tell ourselves, and a new day will clear our collective head. Look deep into your own eyes, America, and don’t lose the thread. You are better than this. We are better than this. I am better than this.

Until tomorrow night, I will lay bleary eyed and somberly clutching my blanket, praying for the light.


Breakfast with Heather and Sean. More crabbing and tide pools with Kaia. A short hike through Whatcom Falls Park. A movie. Dinner at a great brewery with Sean and Molly and well, you heard about the rest.

Summer rolls on and the moon is full.

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