July 21, 2016

This Bad

Third night of watching the RNC and I don’t know how much more I can take. I watched Ted Cruz in full, Newt Gingrich, but then I became convinced that ISSIS was outside my door and I became sacred so I had to turn him off. Next I sat through Laura Ingram so I could watch her do the salute and make fun of tight jean wearing man-bun wearing hipsters. She is a scary women and I hope I never have to see or hear her again. I gave Mike Pence about five minutes until he started talking about cornfields and loving MLK. Immigrant family. Veterans. Fist to face. Fist to face. Fist to face.

It can never have been this bad. Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfled!! Those monsters feel like sane public servants now. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the Trump kids, there is only so much bile one can swallow before you do some serious damage to your heath.

One more day of this convention is all I can take. A part of my soul has died and been replaced by vacant chanting U…….S…….A. silence.

In other news, I Skpyed into a class Ari is teaching about class libraries and Reader’s Workshop, I picked blueberries, ate lunch at another brewery, got the car washed, took a nap, went on a hike with my kids and in-laws, ate veggie corndogs and drank beer for dinner.

Tomorrow we are off to Seattle and looking forward to a nice day of cruising a city with which I am unfamiliar.

This is me right now. 

The cup runneth empty, hoping for more tomorrow. 

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