July 1, 2016

Nature of Reality

We left Tassajara pretty early this morning, with my mom in tow, and headed to Monterrey. The day was spent in in the fog, at the aquarium, at the cheesy tourist shops, at the candy shop, eating cotton candy and Italian food.

It ended sharing a drink with my mom at the hotel bar talking about Zen and the nature of reality and how crazy it is that my girls are getting so big and that we are now in our 60’s an 40’s sitting in a hotel bar talking about the nature of reality.

Tomorrow we are up early, packing the car and headed back North to Garberville and a few nights in the Redwood forest. I wish I had more to offer from this day, but it was a long good one and after sleeping on a mattress in the cold at Tassajara, I am looking forward to a warm shower and a cozy bed. I am back online and ready to be back in it. 

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