July 2, 2016

Avenue of Giants

It’s a bit passed eight thirty, Friday night, July 1st and I am on my second Mad River River Brewery Stealhead Ale. I am in a Best Western in Garberville in Humboldt County at the edge of the Avenue of Giants. This town is tiny and a few hours ago when we ventured out to get some food, little was open. We stopped by an organic hippie grocery store, then a quick walk down main street, where we found a deli. There is a strange mix of hippie and hick and dirty street kids that have somehow made their way all the way up north.

We are here all day tomorrow, so I am researching the best trails for hiking. I want remote, but doable for the kids. I want big trees and dense groves and peace and quiet and solitude. I would like to walk by and maybe swim in the Eel River and/or Bull Creek. A lot of this feels like luck as there are so many trails and routes all the way along the thirty mile Avenue of Giants.

I think we are gonna drive up to Bull Creek and explore Humboldt State Park.

In other news, it has been a year that I have been drinking again. I should have some profound commentary on how it has gone, but really it has been pretty mellow. I have had a few nights that things went a bit farther than they should have, but over all it has been a sound decision.

It was a long drive from Monterrey and it’s time for sleep.

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