July 18, 2016

Next Time

I am a fraud and a hypocrite and I wanted to publicly state why. The following part of this post is for Angie and Mairin. For those of you who read my daily ramblings, you may notice me waxing philosophical about equality and feminism and posts to Kaia about all kinds of related things, but this last week, I was none of those things and did none of the things I espouse. I was actually a pretty lazy and selfish guest.

Marin and Angie made every breakfast, lunch and dinner for the kids and washed all the dishes and cleaned up after every mess. All I did was nap, sit around in my PJs, drink some G&Ts and beer, swim and occasionally grill some dinner. Even Dan was moving things, chopping wood, and keeping the house in check.

So before Angie rolls her eyes next time I write some post about whatever bullshit I might be writing, let me acknowledge my own sloth like behaviour, apologize for it, and publicly thank Angie, Mairin and Dan for putting up with my lack of participation. I was overtaken by the aura of that damn lake.

I will do better next time.

We are back in civilization- sort of. We have a cute little house near Lake Whatcom, near Bellingham. We haven’t had much time to explore yet, but on first sight this is a much more rugged town then I thought. I was expecting a much more hippie/hipster vibe, but it's a bit more “industrial” so far.

We have had two great meals at Aslan Brewery and D'anna's Cafe Italiano, but need to explore the actual town a bit more. Heather and Sean, where should we start? When will we see you guys?

Being back in civilization means, bearing witness to the shitshow that will be the RNC this week, Pokeman Go, another shooting, Taylor and Kanye, and the fallout of all the summer events so far.

It’s exhausting without even turning on the TV.

Privilege is choosing what pieces of news you will allow to affect you.

No plans for the next few weeks. We will explore Bellingham and neighboring haunts. Looking forward to spending time with Mary Jo and Pat and Ari next week.

Hope to get to Seattle, maybe see Gabe and Emily. Catch a baseball game, buy some new “professional clothes” for next year, maybe finally get myself a hat, maybe get back up to Vancouver to see Bryan and Chris and Liberty. Not sure two weeks will be enough now that I am naming everything.

This summer has been amazing and we will keep riding this wave.

I am looking forward to some running this week, first time all summer, and maybe some more substantial writing. Stay tuned.

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  1. No comment on being a hypocrite. Welcome to the human race. You are in the running.

    Try Kulshan Brewery in Bellingham, I had maybe one of my best food trucks experiences at one that was there called "Hot Mess"- the beer at Kulshan is awesome too.