July 17, 2016

Swim To Ant Island

The kids had all eaten dinner and it was lightly raining outside. I was in the middle of grilling some dinner and my second G&T. I had made a proclamation earlier in the week that when anyone wanted to jump in the lake, I would join them.

“Daddy, I want to go for a swim. You want to go?”

Minutes later, she had her suit and life jacket on and was in the water on the way to Ant Island. It was cold, drizzling and getting darkish and there was my little girl swimming into the wind. I jumped in and we were off!

The swim there was no problem. We talked about doing stupid things, like swimming in the cold, and how not everyone does things like this, but how it is important it is to sometimes push yourself to do weird and uncomfortable things. She was like a tiny puppy swimming, but she was determined and persistent. We made it to Ant Island and quickly swam back but about a quarter of the way back she panicked.

It was too cold. She was tired and, “I want to be back.” I talked her down from the ledge and we swam back, with her on my back, shivering and talking all the way back.

Back in the cabin we took a warm bath together, revelling in our shared experience.

It was beautiful.

The rest of the day was great meals, friends enjoying friendships, a fire and smores, a drizzling sunset and a day spent changing between swimsuits and pyjamas. Tomorrow, we are off to Bellingham and back to the world. I will be sad to leave Levitt Lake. Thank you Dan and Angie for having us. This was a memorable and wonderful week in this amazing place.

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