July 31, 2016

Oregon Wins

What a great day in a great town. Eugene might be the best town yet, near Bend and the coast. It’s a college town, close to Portland and a mini-freak show. We started at Morning Glory for a yummy vegan breakfast and an eclectic cast of characters. Then the kids played and swam at the McKenzie river. And tonight we hung out with Darby and her sister in the Whitaker neighborhood.

There was a vintage arcade, a death metal band playing out of a van, two great breweries, street art performances and the green smell of Oregon in the air. There were trains and boutique grilled cheese sandwich shops on traffic islands. Lots of beards, tattoos and the smell of patchouli, as well as a fancy dessert stop before heading home.

Why did we only spend a day here?

Sorry Washington, but Oregon has got you beat for all the things you are trying to be. Oregon is the heart of America as I see it right now. Bend, Eugene and Portland? More of that please. This is a pretty great place to be.

Tomorrow morning, we are up early to embark on our last long road trip back to Marin for a a few more days of last minute shopping and goodbyes.

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  1. I could have told you that but those words are useless until you experience it. I've got two good friends in Eugene I make a point to see if I can. It's got the coolness or Portland without the scale and tv show. You got one up on me with time in Bend, but sometime if you can do the long ride down the rugged coast. Pick your jaw up off the floor of the drive. Or get to the peaks of Three Sisters, lose your head staring into Crater Lake.

    I always thought of Oregon with that coastal picture, despite having been to the mountains, and not as much part of the West like the spaghetti westerns. But it was- my friend Sandy (in Eugene) turned me on to Jump Off Creek a conquering the West story where the lead character is a man-less woman. And that Western ideal played out in this years whacky take over of a bird refuge. There's a huge rodeo culture too.

    One of my favorite novels "The River Why" is set in Oregon, an unlikely combo of philiosopht, coming of age, and fly fishing.

    Guess you gotta go back for more, but what an epic trip you and the family had. Thanks for taking us for the ride.