August 1, 2016

Drive, Drive, Drive

OMG, that was a long, long day. Started at 6:30 in the car- heading south on highway 5. We drove pretty much eight and a half hours straight and by the end I couldn’t feel my arms, but the kids were great and we survived.

We are back in San Rafael for one more full day before flying out on Tuesday. This afternoon was pretty chill- arrived and checked into the Embassy Suites near the Civic Center (Not so nice for the record.) Then off to Barnes and Noble for some books, a quick dinner at The Marin Brewing Company and finally saw Ghostbusters. Leslie Jones makes that movie. It was cute and Kaia loved it. Skye was a bit freaked out by the ghosts.

Marin is taking Kaia to do some last minute shopping, so Skye and I have a daddy daughter date- taking the ferry into the city for a walk around and some lunch. Then back home for a final visit with Jason and this summer is done.

My eyes are begging for sleep. Looking forward to good San Francisco weather tomorrow. Where should we go for lunch? 

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