August 7, 2016


There is a slight chance that I am sick, which is perfect timing, seeing that we have our first day of teachers back at school tomorrow, or maybe the jet lag I have been bragging that I have overcome is catching up to me, but headache, achey, sneezy and all around blah is the pervasive mood this Sunday evening. 

Water is on for Thera-Flu. A bit of the ole Youtube and off to bed. 

In other news, great lazy day spent by the pool catching up with friends. With that the summer is officially over. It was a good one and I am ready to begin the 2016/2017 school year. This is my sixteenth year teaching. Wow! When the hell did that happen? Here’s looking forward to learning more than I teach and honing this craft even more. Hopefully feeling at least 75% tomorrow. 

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