August 15, 2016

First Day

That was a pretty good first day. Students seemed happy. Teachers weren’t too flustered and all in all, it couldn’t have gone much better. There were a few hiccups, but that is to be expected. It felt weird not to have my own mentor group and that quality time getting to know kids individually or as a group, but it was also pretty great to roam and problem solve and make sure that teachers had what they needed to have a good day. I ran an assembly that went okay and the day all went by pretty fast.

I might be getting addicted to striking things off To-Do lists. This is definitely a pretty big shift for me, but I can see the future and I think I like it.

As for our own kids, they had a good day. They were very excited about their friends and teachers and raring to go back tomorrow.

I love the feeling of a well spent summer followed by the buzz of being back at school. I know it is only the first Monday in August, but I am so happy and proud to work at our school. A big thank you to all my friends and co-workers for making UWCSEA the amazing place that it is. It is a pleasure to see you all everyday.

Gonna keep this short, because I passed up a free ticket to see Weezer tonight, because I had to do some actual lesson planning for the classes I will teach tomorrow, and I am loving this Krakauker book. I need some time to just get lost in the words, even though they are frustrating and anger inducing as all hell.

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