August 16, 2016

Sper Sweet

Wow! That last hour was intense. Wrote some pretty lengthy emails about school stuff. Followed by writing up some materials to get kids excited, and hopefully signed up for our Daraja trip in late January. (If any teachers at UWCSEA want to go on the tip as a paying participant, pleas let me know. You can ask Claire, Jenn, Paula, Shruti, and Georgina how great it is!

Anyway, my eyes are shot and my brain is mush. I was able to squeeze a run in today, but it felt like crap. I have not run for so long that getting ready for another half-marathon in December feels like torture. My run today was short and slow. I barely could get to 4km without walking and finished with a miserable 6km.

But it is back on the regiment. Although I was weeping and achy, it felt good to slow down my brain and push the school thoughts out for a while.

Now it is time for a tall glass of water, perhaps some wine, chocolate and reading for a while. It has only been two days, but I am looking forward to getting a work-flow organized that doesn’t feel so frantic and urgent. At the moment it feels like it all has to be done right now. And I am pretty sure that is not sustainable.

It was good to teach today. With all the administrative stuff taking up mental real estate, it was refreshing to remind myself why any of us do what we do. We love kids. Teaching and learning.

My classes were super sweet and I am falling in love with grade 6.

Oh and Learning 2 is around the corner. 

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