August 18, 2016

Pig Food

I’m a guilty disgusting pig food confession…

We had Kaia’s meet the teacher night tonight at 6:00pm, so we decided to just stay at school and get some work done and then grab a bite to eat near school. I decided to go to McDonald's and have their new veggie McCrunch burger, which cannot be good for me, the planet or anyone else involved, but along with a large fries and a giant coke, it tasted pretty damn good.

Marin needed to stop off at the grocery store after the event, and I figured that nasty fast food at 4:30 couldn’t possible be enough so I wanted a “treat.” I ended getting and consuming a bag of salt Kettle chips and a seven-up, because a second Coke would have been obscene. On the plus side, I am sure these dietary choice were as good, if not better than the run I was supposed to go on.

Thirteen hour days need salt and sugar.

First thing this morning I ran an introduction to our Online Learning Platform and some other computer basics to a room of nearly 200 sixth graders. They were amazing and quiet and patient. Thanks for the support from the rest of the team. I love that we can trust our kids to be sensible and cooperative in such a massive group. For all you non-teacher types, try to imagine communicating with 200 eleven year olds for forty-minutes about technology. It was a proud moment.

Feeling like I have my head above water at the moment and not much to do tonight but relax, watch some Internet and read before falling into a deep- it’s the night before the first Friday of the school year. Looking forward to a pretty social weekend.

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