September 24, 2016

Cranky Bowing Dad

Woke up cranky and yelled at the kids.

Went to Starbucks for breakfast and only one person as working so it took 40mins and we were late picking up Mairin. I almost lost my mind with rage.

We were late to Kaia’s sewing class. Everyone was on edge and it was terrible way to start Saturday morning. Driving against the clock all the way across town. Got their 23 mins late.

Headed over to Tanglin for some errands and then we were late to pick up Kaia, so more stress in traffic. Most of the morning was rushing to be late for a drop off or a pick up.

Came home for some lunch. Girls did cross stitch projects and Hama beads. We helped, but there was a lot of yelling and short tempers. Irons. Successes. Failures. Not sure who won or lost. Not sure what was learned.

Took a shower and headed to Changi Village for some bowling for Luke’s birthday. I was in a calm zone. Hit a few strikes.

Then Little Island Brewery. Pretzel. Fries. Salad. Beer. We stayed a while. Celebrating. Home a bit after midnight. Throat is still raw. I can barely talk, but the warm dark bed is calling and tomorrow is Sunday.

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