September 23, 2016

Edison Bulbs

It feels like someone scooped out my throat with a ice cream scooper. It was Friday, but I inched across the finish line. The smart man, would have gone home straight from school and crawled under the covers, but I chose to shred and burn, then have a few beers at Burps, then walk the Frolf course with the dudes, then head over to Steven and Katy’s for some group Stranger Things viewing with Keri-Lee and Miles. Had some chips, olives, wine and port.

It was an afternoon and evening of mellow conversations, sunsets and television. Two days off and not much to do, but hope I don’t lose my voice completely, because although I always dreamed of losing my voice as a kid, it is actually pretty inconvenient.

The other day I was in Off Tangent with some students and one girl on the design team was sketching out some optional new covers. She had drawn some light bulbs and while looking over her shoulder, I said, “That would be a cool image. Have you ever heard of Edison bulbs?”

“You mean the ones in all the hipster coffee shops?”

Yes. Yes. That is exactly what I mean. We teach some crazy wicked cool kids.

Good night world. See you tomorrow.

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