September 13, 2016

Soul-less Data

I operated in a fog today. We had a teacher only day where we mostly worked in small groups to find evidence for accreditation. It was not fun or engaging work in anyway, and while working with Udi, Ian and Anne Marie is normally quiet thought provoking, today it was just a series of menial tasks that needed to get done. We didn’t, and I wasn’t in the mood, to have any interesting conversations about learning or life or anything. We simply copied and pasted documents into a template for a report.

What if this was your job? I know for many people it is. No kids. No teaching. No planning, No learning. Just data. Raw and necessary but with little soul.

But maybe, the monotony of the task matched my mood. I was no longer sick, but I had little energy for anything. During our PD days, our school is committed to having two hour wellness sessions, where teachers put on activities and we can take part in the name of well being.

There are things like art or exercise, but I usually do whatever Richard Nies is hosting- last time it was Texas Hold’em and today it was watching Monday Night football. It was a god awful game where the 49ers crushed the Rams in one of the worst offensive displays I have ever seen. I’m not sure watching the Niners win is good for my well being, because it actually made me a little sick, but it was a nice break in the middle of the day.

Did I mention that The Raiders are undefeated right now? One could say one of the best teams in the league. And one should.

Back home I was back in HOG mode- planning units, setting up presentations and just getting things done. Looking forward to getting back into the flow. I still feel I am recovering from my trip to CA, but a three day week and another weekend should get me back on track.

About to watch the first episode of Atlanta- Donald Glover’s new show and I am pretty excited. I love his work in Community as well as his music as Childish Gambino. Super talented dude, so I am sure that whatever he touches turns to gold.

Wilco has a new album out that I want to explore and they just did a three night stint at The Fillmore in SF. Damn! I miss good live music. We get a few okay shows here in Singapore, but no three night stints by Wilco.

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