September 12, 2016

Pig Parts

I took Kaia to Vivo City today to get a cover for my new iPad and damn near lost my mind. It was jam packed crowded and took nearly 40 minutes to find a spot. Kaia read in the back while I huffed and puffed and sighed loudly and swore a few times. It was an exercise in patience, and I think I passed because we eventually parked and laughed about it as we made our way up the stairs, but it was touch and go for most of the time. Nothing like losing your shit in front of your kid, to the point where they see you at your worst animal state.

It didn't help that I was starving, so after I got the iPad cover we braved the chaos of Vivo to find a Japanese noodle shop that actually had vegetarian Ramen. In my heart of hearts I knew that the broth could not possibly have been veggie, but I swallowed by guilt and ordered it anyway. Damn cravings. Assuming the “don’t ask don’t tell approach.” It came and it was delicious and Kaia actually had some noodles and we chatted and enjoyed an ice cold 7-Up and some fried Tofu on the side.

On the way out, as we were paying, Kaia noticed that they were selling some pork bone packages for homemade broth. She looked at me and said, “You don’t think that was in our broth do you?” Busted. From that moment, I could taste nothing but death and bones in my mouth. I feel instantly sick by the thought of pig parts in my soup. “At least I only had the noodles. You were slurping up the broth.” This girl pulls no punches.

I have been pretty lax on my commitment to veganism since summer. Eating donuts and muffins and all kids of baked goods recently, but this pork fiasco was a good reminder to tighten things up a little bit. There is always a give and take with me. I have never been super militant, but I have been letting too many things slide lately and the veggie Ramen was just too much today. Poor Kaia, was super grossed out that she had inadvertently eaten some pork as well.

It’s one thing to have a Starbucks muffin and pretend like everything is fine, but it is another thing to actually see pig bones in plastic packaging and imagine them floating around in your soup. Nice reminder.

Met up with Claire, Shruti, Georgina and Georgia tonight to talk some broad brushstrokes about the Daraja Academy GC in Middle and High school. We each have nearly 25 participants and even had to turn many kids away. I am so stoked that we have reached this level of stability and that I am working with teachers who are so commitment and dedicated to this cause and this school. We had some food and drank a few beers and discussed the larger issues we want to cover and possible events for the year. There are some good things coming down the pipes and I cannot wait to see the kids this week and get them on board as well.

Finally watched the first episode of Stanger Things and so far, even after only one episode, it is living up to the hype.

The Raiders won their first game.

I am over my short flu/cold/whatever it was.

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