September 18, 2016

Tie and Socks

3:08am. Shruti turned forty, Dinner at the top of Ion. It was vegan and good. Wine and drinks; very adult. I wore a tie and socks. Good friends. Late night. Fun conversations. The “Pickle Off” is on. (Tricia)

We talked about Cascadia. Trump. Music and the difference between Texan salsa and Californian salsa. I have a batch of good stories and I like to trot them out. They are usually wilder and better stories than people are ready for. I feel like a bit of a crazy person when I share them, and I love to see people’s faces when I let the stories unravel.

It is 1994. A VW bus and we are cruising through a thunder storm in Texas. I am only giving you the basics. Because, I think that is all you can handle. And I need to sleep if I want to function in the morning.

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