October 21, 2016

Baby Tooth

Not much to share today. Still reeling a bit from my day in the sun yesterday.

Took the kids to the dentist first thing. Dropped $100 on a filling in a tiny cavity on a baby tooth that felt unnecessary.

Then it was Skye and I on our own. She biked, I skated to the playground at East Coast Park. Ice Cream. Sweat. She made a friend. We enjoyed the breezes.

Then home for a stint. Shower and off to Myria’s for dinner with Lee and Cindy and then a great Kiwi film called Hunt For The Wildepeople with Steve and Katy at Keri Lee and Mile’s place. I love having non-American friends. Always fun to get insights and give insights into other cultures.

Now home. Passed midnight and it is hitting me that we start back at work in two days. The final weekend is here. This has been a perfect and necessary break, but time to roll up the sleeves and get back into school mode. That means some marking and planning to do in the next forty eight hours.

I should probably start running again too, if I want to have any chance at even walking this half marathon I have signed up for.

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