October 22, 2016

Remembering NYC

Remembering the burrito place around the block next to the sushi place and the muddy snow in the gutters and the giant rats. Remembering the puffy parkas and struts, the noise and the rising steam and manholes. Remembering the long walks to the movie theater across from Lincoln Center, the sidewalk Christmas tree lots, the stink of chestnuts, hot cider and farmer’s markets selling junk in chainlink fence lots.

Remembering the jukebox at that one bar, the black paint and the cheep beer. Remembering the mornings at Bed Bath and Beyond and trying to sneak into the Knicks game. The shows- The Beacon, The Bowery Ballroom, MSG, The Knitting Factory, Carnegie Hall.
Remembering Elliott Smith in Brooklyn and Morcheeba, Ani Difranco, Pearl Jam, The Strokes and Hayden.

Remembering Adlie Stevenson High School and The Bronx, the four-top restaurant, cherry soda, and the dinners with Richard. Remembering the park and the sun and the carefree recklessness of our unscripted futures. The random galleries and the night classes and the Socialist meetings. Remembering the long shifts, the empty subway stations.

Remembering the apartment with the windows and door desk and the big salads and giant bagels and the wine store on Lexington. Remembering that first summer and the city wide black out and the double decker bus, the new faces and terrible classes.

Remembering the first time alone in that bar in the afternoon and losing my shoes. Remembering graduating and the linguistics class and diphthongs and the satin sheets. The space heater and the homemade Gibsons. Remembering pushing the couch home on the skateboard, and the blue glasses and never being home during the day. Remembering the cold dark mornings, the golden setting sun, the snow, the rain and the heat.

Remembering New York City tonight as I often do when my mind goes blank.

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