October 18, 2016


“Ya wanna go find this soap?”

This is how my day started. Woke up around 9am, which I am finding is my natural rhythm. Sleep at 1am up at 9am. That’s how my body works best, take note schools- waking up at 6am not good for my mojo.

We as a family, first Mairn and now the rest of us have become big fans of Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soaps. We started with Peppermint and have recently been indulging in Lavender. Anyway, Mairin found a place called Nature’s Glory out near Outram where we can buy refills of the soap. And yes, our lives are so exciting that waking up to buy soap refills is our morning event.

After some confusion about whether or not we had the right receptacle, we bought a few liters of soap. And one of them, wait for it……is Almond. It’s the little things that bring me joy. If you can't get excited about soap, maybe your priorities need to be realigned.

After the soap, we headed home for a quick lunch and back to Wild Wild Wet for four hours of chlorinated fun with the Kays and the newly arrived Tisdall-Mcphees. The kids rode slides. We rode slides. Wave pool. Lazy river. Snacks. Good times.

Then a quick jaunt over to Malthouse for their $10 Tuesday night pizza night and an IPA with Chris and Shasta and closed the night off with a movie with Dave and Kelly and Udi. Yeah, we were pretty damn social today and thank you all for a good day.

What movie? Is that what you are asking? Two words: Sausage Party. I won’t say anything else. If you have seen it, you know that I needn’t say much more and if you haven’t, there is nothing I can say about that movie that would do it justice. I have never seen anything like it, and I felt awkward leaving the theater and seeing other people in the lights. Super crazy inappropriate funny movie.

My eyes are burning from chlorine and my brain is a buzz with raunchy humor. Tomorrow is Wednesday- a few more doctor’s appointments for the kids and not much else. I feel so relaxed that I am not sure if I remember how to do my job. Hope it’s like riding a bike and it comes back to me.

This season of Transparent is great, so I need to get back to it.

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