October 17, 2016

Day You Dream

Today was the kind of day you dream about when you are knee deep in school stress, backed up emails, meetings you have to attend and/or plan, and that feeling of being overburdened and overworked. Nothing happened and it sort of faded in and out like the forming of a cloud or an impractical idea.

Woke up late and casually got ready to go to the doctor to get my lab results, remember the liter of pee? Happy to announce that my protein levels are lower than they have been in three years and are at almost normal levels. I like to think that this vast improvement has something to do with the fact that I started drinking again this year, but I am not a doctor so what do I know.

After the doctor, I met Mairin and the girls for a coffee and we headed home. Shortly there after, Aloni and her new baby (Morgan) came over for a visit and Claire and her family joined us by the pool. We had some snacks, a bit of wine and the slow grey day dripped and dropped on us a bit while we caught up, enjoyed the water and each others’ company. None of us had anywhere to be or anything to do.

They left around four thirty at which point I picked up and ate enough veggie sushi to make me feel slightly ill, but fully satiated. On the way to the mall to pick up dinner, I blasted Dead Prez, complete with white dude fist pumping, and on the way back some Positively 4th Street and Like A Rolling Stone Dylan.

The kids are finally asleep and the only thing left to do is to crawl into bed and watch as many episodes of Transparent as we can before Mairin falls asleep, and then read a few more pages of Amy Schumer’s book, which is great by the way. Claire asked me how it was and all I could say was, “Makes me realize how hard it is to be a woman.”

This two week break in October is so essential to our lives at UWCSEA. I feel refreshed and relaxed and ready to be back at work, having said that I am going to enjoy this last week. Sure, I have some work to do, yes I also need to get to my classroom to water my plants, but I have a date at the water park tomorrow, we are seeing Sausage Party tomorrow night with friends, and there might be a round of golf planned for Thursday.

All in all, life is pretty good at the moment.

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