October 12, 2016

Guilty Good

Today was about doctor referrals. Spent the morning setting up appointments for me, Mairin and Kaia. Life is so busy throughout the school year that part of our staycation must be dedicated to maintaining our health. It’s not exciting my any means but necessary. At one point, however, driving to and fro, I couldn’t help to think how distant the stress of school felt, even a few days removed from it. The days are slow and lethargic and absolutely perfect. After a decent lunch out, we were home and ready for naps.

The late afternoon took us swimming at Miles and Keri-Lee’s. We had a few drinks, some wine, played Star Wars Battlefront (to make sure the Teen rating was okay for the kids) and then home for an early bedtime for the kids and a wide open night without much to do. Maybe a movie with Mairin, definitely the latest episode of Atlanta is on deck.

Earlier in the day, we also made a quick stop to the book store where I bought the Amy Schumer bio and the latest by Jonathan Saffron Foer. I am still bogged down in a mediocre YA book, but I hope to power through that in the next few days, so I can get back into my reading groove. It has been forever and that is not acceptable.

Speaking of bad habits. I was meant to run today, but the swim date and early evening cocktails nixed that idea. The fact that I am still hungry and actually ordered McDonald’s delivery is enough to make me feel pretty shitty, that is until the sweet salty goodness hits my mouth. I have somehow convinced myself that I deserve the things that make me feel guilty.

At some point soon, I hope to tightened things up a bit- more running, back to a more hardline vegan approach, reading every night, but in the meantime- it is Wednesday night, I have another week and a half off. Nothing to do tonight or tomorrow, the McCrunch veggie burger is on the way and if things get super crazy, I might have a glass of wine while we watch Atlanta.

Side note, we don’t currently have Netflix for a variety of reasons, but I really want to watch 13th, but having a hard time finding it anywhere other that Netflix.

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