October 11, 2016

Lazy Staycation Daze

Lazy staycation days with nothing to do. Played some guitar in the morning, just fiddling with an E minor chord. Stayed up late last night so felt pretty drowsy. Had some lunch with Skye while Kaia was at a play date and Mairin was out shopping. Skye and I then headed to the pool.

It was just the two of us and the sun was warm and the breeze adequate. We swam. Played surfboard. Had a few races. Hold your breath contest. Statue and Shoulders (both games we have played since she was tiny.) Swim between my legs. Laid in the sun and relaxed. Hugged. Kissed. Then came back up stairs for showers.

The hours went by slowly, just the way you want on a holiday with nothing to do. We met Shasta and Dagam for dinner down at Malt House and then watched Stranger Things with Keri-Lee & Miles, and Steven and Katy. That show is getting creepy good four episodes in.

Now it is nearing midnight, there is the post debate/lewd assault tape Full Frontal to watch and off into the darkness of sleep. Lots of doctor appointments tomorrow. October is inching along. There might be golf and Pulau Ubin on bikes in my future.

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