October 10, 2016

Horrified By The Idea

Woke up pretty late this morning. Marin had gone to an exercise class and the girls were playing with Skye’s new birthday toys. I checked the scores- Raiders win, Niners lose: all is right in the NFL.

Then I made my way outside. I told Kaia that the debate was on live, because she has shown interest in watching it, so we snuggled on the couch and started to watch. Before we did however, I had to explain to her the context of the latest Trump circus.

So I guess I can thank Trump for forcing me or allowing me to talk to my ten year old daughter about the words “Sexual Assault” and “Rape.” Kaia claimed to know what the ladder meant, but I clarified to be sure.

“It is when a man forces a women to have sex with him when she doesn’t want to.”

She seemed horrified by the idea, seeing that the very nature of even consensual sex is a pretty daunting idea at this time. I told her about what he said about being famous and doing anything he wants and how he wanted to grab this women’s, I called it a vagina, seemed a bit much to bring in the P word first thing in the morning.

“He has tried to apologize and say these are things that all men say and think and do, but remember that no one has a right to touch you in anyway, unless you want the to. Not a man running for president, or a star or a boy in your class or a even a friend. Your body will always be yours. Do you understand?”

“I think so.”

And just like that we were into the debate and the “locker room talk.”

I am a bit worried about Kaia’s vitriol against Trump. She has a visceral hatred toward him that can only be explained by the rage and loathing I exude at any gave time. I would prefer that she be more knowledgeable about things before forming such strong opinions.

There is nothing I find more disturbing that highly religious or political children. Having said that, I am so proud of her desire to watch these debates and engage with the political process. Only good things can come from having conversations about such things with our kids.

Then we were off to coffee with Lee and Cindy, a mediocre lunch at Vivo and a viewing of Mrs. Perrigon’s Peculiar Children. Home. Dinner. Bed for kids. A few episodes of Blackish and suddenly it is 12:49 am.

I have two weeks off and will enjoying staying up late. I am just waiting and looking forward to seeing what Samantha Bee will do with the Billy Bush Bus Bombshell.

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