October 5, 2016

The Big Show

I had to switch head spaces today. I had to leave my work and concerns about school back in Singapore and start to really nail down this talk I am giving in front of 350 people tomorrow night, and finalize the session I am running for 6+ hours.

I had lots of time and people to bounce ideas off of today to get a good start. I could do both right now if i had to and they would be fine, but I have a few more hours tomorrow to really fine tune things. I ran my talk past Kim and Brandon and got a nice warm response. They loved the idea, and although it was a bit choppy, I hope to iron out the kinks tomorrow before I deliver it. I am going on the first night as the last talk at the opening session.

Lot’s of great people here for sure. Missing Rebekah, Clint and Jeff U, and lots of other people for sure, but every year there is a new tribe and that is part pf the process. Looking forward to jumping right in and meeting all the participants.

Nice dinner tonight with old and new friends and now time to crash. Tomorrow is a big day. 

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