October 7, 2016

You Love To Do What You Love

It’s late. Really late and Mads, my conference mom would not approve, but we had a great time. It’s nights like this that make a conference. We started in the hotel bar and then went for just one drink. At one point, I might have, after singing Adele and Hallelujah said out loud- “Heaven might be a lot like a gay bar in Saigon.” I met a few new tribe members and we sang and danced and talked school and education and tech and TV shows. This is how people bond and connect and go beyond the Twitter avatars.

My talk was okay. I am not happy with it. Because my flaming boat animation got screwed up. (Note to self- this is why you avoid animations. Don’t get stupid) But people seemed to get the metaphor. And they gave me kudos and compliments. It feels good when people understand your ideas. Not an ego thing, but the praise does feel good right? It has to.

My session tonight was good, and I am looking forward to seeing what the participants come up with in the next few days. It is way past my bed time and it is an early morning tomorrow, but it is nights like this that make the connections that much stronger I met a few great new people tonight and who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Kaia came home from Malaysia tonight. Tomorrow is Skyelar’s birthday and I miss my students turning in their stories. It is hard to leave what you love to do what you love, but hey we say yes and no to what people ask of us and we give and take what we need.

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