October 29, 2016

Wrestling and Build-A-Bear

That was a big Friday.

It is almost 1am and a night of wrestling has got my throat hoarse. It was a good time as usual watching the SPW (Singaporean Professional Wrestling) but now is not the time for the compete post about the experience. We left straight from the school kid’s trick or treat event and hung out a bit at a hawker for a few beers after.

Ran a meeting in the morning, taught a few classes on mentor texts, caught up on email, tried to pick up the reigns from Karl Wilcox and get Movember going this year, and then trick or treat and wrestling. That’s about all I have in my tank.

My bed is calling and tomorrow is not messing around either. Skyelar's never ending birthday continues with her friend's party at-A-Bear.

This whole Oregon acquittal and the Dakota pipeline stuff has got me angry something fierce, but will hold off on writing on that till later too.

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