November 18, 2016


It’s 12:12 am. Tom Joad by Bruce Springsteen is on my head phones. Not sure where that call came from.

“Welcome to the new world order. The highway is alive tonight and nobody is kidding anyone of where it’s going.”

Another old white racist is now the attorney general of the United States. The nightmare gets worse and more real with every passing day. No can believe what is happening, but America is headed into a dark tunnel and the disappearing speck of light is getting smaller and farther away. “If there is someone struggling to be free, look in their eyes ma and you’ll see me.”

We put up the Christmas tree tonight. The girls were excited. Kaia made warm milk with cinnamon as we laid on couch watching a Friday night movie. Headed to Lee and Cindy’s for a well deserved bottle of wine.

Today I taught kids that we are all Africans as we discussed evolution and the human family. It felt a dollar short and an hour too late, but it is in the curriculum so it might make the world a better place. I talked to a bully and told him to be nicer. I asked a victim to speak up.

I am back at work tomorrow for professional development on a Saturday, then again on Sunday.

My head is down and I'm working toward the December break. I can feel the ocean swallowing me as the sun caresses my darkening skin. Sand and slow hours. Afternoon cocktails and late afternoon naps. Another month. Another year. Another and another and then one more other.

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