November 19, 2016

This Luxury

Do this. Don’t do that.
Be happy. Be angry.
Be optimistic. Let it go. Normalize. Act. Fight

Every act is a political act.
Every inaction is a political act.

How long can political junkies sustain? Stay sane?
Watching from the sidelines, jumping into the game.

According to reports…everything is a swirling jumbled mess.
There are no signs of clarity.

I was at PD today, learning how to build trust and rapport.
We spoke of vulnerability and the five states of mind:


Still learning about how these states of mind might help me in my professional career, but on a personal level- learning to navigate the online muck and cesspool of political understanding, it might behoove me to consider the five states of mind.

Currently I am exploring the consciousness field. Trying to find out where I stand and why I am standing there. How I got here and where I might move next. I am reading and weighing and thinking and reflecting nearly every second of the day.

But right now at this exact moment, on a Saturday night, after friends just left, I am rambling and scrabbling for some kind of meaning, when all I need is a novel and the warm embrace of fiction. A blanket of words and the safe bed of narratives. I need some calm and rest and the hopefulness and gratitude of tomorrow, Thankful that I am have enough privilege to even entertain this calculated approach.

Other people do not have this luxury, and I am aware enough to know that justice cannot wait too long for me to get my shit together.

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