November 30, 2016

Cabal of Cannibals and Lackeys

I woke up feeling good about today. I was up at six with Mairin and the kids, trying to stay out of her way as she got the kids ready and off to school for the millionth day in a row. The mood at our house is not particularly good these days. Everyone is tired and ready for the holiday. We are a routine trying to get to the end. I hobble around mostly trying to learn my new part, come to terms with my irrelevancy.

They were out the door and the house was still. My ankle hurt from the short time I was up and about, so I laid down a bit to give it rest. I knew I had a big day so I shut my eyes and woke up to my alarm at nine. Big day ahead:

I shaved, showered. Got dressed. Changed the sheets and took a cab to the hospital. It was the first time in a while since I was outside on my own. I was hoping for some good news from the doctor, but the news was very middle of the road- healing well. No infection. Good that I can put some weight on it, recommends another week to ten days of rest! A week to ten days?!?!

I haven’t seen, let alone talked to, another person besides Mairin in a week. I need to get out of this house. I arranged with people at work to do at least a half day tomorrow, just to see how it feels. The beauty is that I picked up a wicked little cold between those work emails and my sniffling, sneezing self right now. I may have to abort that mission in the morning. It’s a game time decision right now

My students made a super cute card for me which they gave to Kaia to bring home. Which was nice. Other than that, I might as well have disappeared. The world seems to function just fine without any input from me. This has been a good lesson is being realistic about ones real value. No one is irreplaceable and everyone is expendable. Not a bad lesson to learn. Takes the pressure off. Take a day. Two, hell take a whole week, the ship will sail on.

The rest of the day was McDonalds, Bojack Horseman and swimming while drowning down the Trump Twitter feed. That photo with him and Romney will haunt my dreams tonight. It is the epitome of American politics. I don’t know where his tiny little hands are in the picture, but I am sure under the table he is grabbing Mitt by the….What a bunch of jackals. They disgust me. This government will be a pit of vipers and thieves gouging on the flesh of the people they duped.

I feel sad for the rally crowds. They might not be smart enough to see it yet, but any day now they will realize that they have been run over by the very train that was meant to take them to the promise land. That train is moving so fast that they won’t even be able to pick up the scraps that the billionaires throw from the side. The rally crowds will be left chanting and lusting for blood. I just feel bad for the people of color living in their communities that will bare the brunt of their dissatisfaction and shame.

Ugly times ahead America. The orange prince is slurping down frog’s legs and scallops at Jeane George’s while Tweeting lie after lie, as he build his cabal of cannibals and lackeys. Goldman Sachs is there as they always as they chase the mighty dollar while the rest of struggle to stay free in the greatest democracy on earth.

I don’t know if this is the Thera-Flu talking or my cagey solitary brain, but I need some company and a good time. What a way to the end the year. Hope to see a few of you in the morning.

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