November 27, 2016


My mind is a mess. It is scrambled and slow and not wanting to work or think or move. I woke up to bloody bandages again, but the nurse at the clinic told me it was discharge. Which didn’t make me feel better. I was also told to stop moving around so much. So much for going into work tomorrow.

I laid around more today which is super boring and makes me feel terrible for Mairin. Not only can I not help with the kids, but I am like another kid who can’t even get his own food or water. I have been in a pretty foul mood all day.

Even when I tried to do some work to get mentors ready for the week, my brain was still in hospital mode. There is so much happening these last few weeks of school, from holiday parties to finishing up units, and I can’t believe that this is how I will be hobbling toward the finish line.

Having said that, I am grateful that this is a pretty minor injury and that in a few weeks I should be back to normal. I am grateful that although I feel guilty, Mairin has been great and is taking care of me and that my kids are being patient and kind and playing card games with me in bed. That my team and colleagues are picking up the slack and the work is getting done and the kids are learning. This is not the way I wanted to end 2016, seeing that I had a half marathon I was going to walk next weekend, but this is the kind of year this has been.

Come on 2017. We have all been waiting for you with open arms.

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  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Don't want to be the barer of more bad news but any appendage injury is months not weeks of recovery. Back to "normal"? After those months.
    I speak from experience.