November 26, 2016

Nothing Day

Today was a pretty nothing day. Tried to get a bit more mobile. Shaved. Showered. Even got dressed, but I bled through a bandage and ended up feeling pretty tired, nauseous and banged up by 7pm, which is what time it is now, and I am in bed. Ready for sleep.

Marin and Kaia were out all day, so I tried to entertain Skye, but I could tell that she was bored and needed more from me than what I was able to offer- laying on the couch, in bed, occasionally heating up left-over pizza for lunch. We watched The Never Ending Story in the morning and it was not as good as I remember. It was actually pretty terrible.

We listened to some tunes while we colored. We played Uno and I tried to teach her backgammon. But all I really wanted to do was either crawl into bed and sleep or rip the bandages off, throw my crutches over the porch and go running around outside.

This is going to be a long few weeks of recovery.

Later Skye and I watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and, wow- It was almost unwatchable. Terrible is not even close to describe how awful it was. We made it through the end, but even Skye noticed how lame the the female lead character was"

“Come on lady! Don’t you know what adventures have to do? You’re gonna get a little dirty!”

So now, Kaia is at a sleep-over and Mairin is at a party I was supposed to go to, but Skye is laying beside me almost asleep and I can feel my ankle throbbing. My biggest concern is that the little bandages I am using will not be big enough and I might bleed all over the sheets. I need to go back to the clinic in the morning for a new dressing and to make sure that all this blood is normal.

I had convinced myself that I would be back at work on Monday, like nothing ever happened, but not so sure about that now.

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