November 24, 2016

Pain and Grattitude

There is nothing like pain to teach us valuable lessons. Whether that pain is emotional, spiritual or physical, pain-if nothing else, teaches us gratitude.

I am back home after a 24 hour hospital stay that included a two hour surgery to mend my bones. Here are some random thoughts lessons I learned while I sat in my hospital bed all day:

Nursing is a wonderful profession. It must be so satisfying to bring people such comfort. All day today, a batch of nurses helped me stay comfortable, cleaned my bandages and made me feel cared for.

It’s amazing the trust we put into the hands of doctors. Right before I went under, I was thinking about the fact that I knew nothing about the guy who told that he needs to cut open my ankle and add a plate and some screws. Then knowing little about him or the procedure I said sure. I have no idea really what he did and whether or not it was the best thing. I knew that my bones were broken, because they hurt like hell and he was going to fix it. Made me think about the level of trust parents put in our hands as teachers. They don’t know us, for the most part, and they trust that we know what we are doing to teach there kids. It’s an honor to have this trust and I do not take it likely.

Would anyone be surprised if the Trump presidency actually became a reality show? Like his cabinet picks are being chosen for their on-air personalities. “Bring in the rich lady with no experience in education to run the entire department. It will be funny to see what she does. If it doesn’t work out, I can use my catch line in week 15- You’re Fired!”

The rest is a bit blurry. This was a great post, around 4pm when was drafting it in my head, but now nearing ten, not so much.

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  1. What a wonderful piece this is! Hope you feel better soon, intrepid teacher!