November 25, 2016

Not Much

Not much happened today. Stayed home from school. There was no way I could have walked, much less worked. I stayed in bed. I napped. Tried to read and watched six episodes of Bojack Horseman. I have been in pretty bad pain all day. Felt a bit nauseous with heartburn.

Not sure what the next few weeks are going to look like and this is kind of freaking me out. Poor Mairin has been doing so much on her own. This was meant to be the weekend when we just chilled-out and rested and now it’s another weekend that she will be on her own.

My ankle starts bleeding if I get up and move about too much, and it hurts pretty much all the time. The pills don’t see to be doing much.

I’m in bed watching a movie with the girls and ready to just fall asleep again.

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