December 9, 2016


It was three O’Clock on a Friday afternoon and I was alone in my classroom. I just got the Raiders Chiefs game cued up on the big screen when Luke walked in. We sat in a state of languid excitement and watched the game, both of tired from a long day, week, semester. The Raiders were outplayed in every aspect of the game. They couldn’t get their offense going. Their defense game up a few big plays, so much so that the Chiefs scored 21 second quarter points and the Raiders, despite a few turn-overs were looking lack luster. Scott came and went and we were eventually joined briefly by Ian.

It wasn’t the celebratory win I was hoping for and now, just like that, we are in second place in the AFC West. There are still three games left and there is nothing certain in the incestuous AFC West, but this would’ve been a good win. It was disappointing for sure. Just goes to show that the happiness that sports giveth, can just as quickly be taken away.

Quiet Friday night. Dinner at Alt pizza and Mairin is off to a party and I have a date with my bed and Bojack Horseman. The foot felt pretty great all day, but now there are some weird aches and pains.

The Trump cabinet picks and magazine covers and victory tours and inability to get anyone but Kid Rock or Ted Nugget to play his inauguration make the United States feel more and more like some dystopian fantasy. It’s like opposite land, where every department is run by the person who hates the field the most and who has spent the longest time trying to destroy it. Labor, EPA, FDA, Treasury all run but people hell bent on dismantling the very departments they have been charged with running.

Maybe the GOP is finally going for broke and will dismantle the federal government once and for all. Reality TV will no longer be a haunted house mirror reflecting life, but the other way around- life will mimic the bizarre world of scripted reality TV. I am still holding out for which department Trump will let Gary Busey lead.

The weekend is here and after that four and half more days of school and the last few days of 2016. I am in a pretty good head-space at this point, the worst of my injury behind me I hope.

I am looking forward to some fresh thoughts coming my way.

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