December 10, 2016

The Worst At Everything

According to the CIA, it looks like the Russians influenced the US elections, and when Trump heard this information he said, referring to the CIA, “These are the same guys who thought there were weapons of mass destruction.” It also look like his top choice for Secretary of State is the former CEO of Exxon, who has been frustrated by the sanctions put on Russia, because has had wanted to get a few oil projects going in Russia for years.

At one point today I saw the president elect of the United States ask a crowd to cheer because they thought that Time magazine should still have a man of the year instead of a person of the year. This is our reality. Polls conducted by chanting and cheering from an ignorant, sexist mob, conducted by a sad old clown.This man is literally the worst at everything.

If this was the script to a movie, we would find it too implausible, but here we are a few weeks before we are living this meaningless nightmare.

In other news, Alt-Right toads, read as neo-nazis, are upset with the new Star Wars because the good guys are people of color and a girl, and the bad guys are white. Apparently they just realized the obvious parallels between the Empire and fascists. I for one am super excited to see it and get fired up and my rebellion on!

Today was a slow family day and it felt good. I was up on my foot a lot and it swelled up and hurt at times throughout the day, but we had a great lunch and then saw Sing. Such a cute movie.

Came home for a rest-up for everyone, then some mulled wine, vegan stuffing and cranberry sauce, and yes another viewing of Elf. The house was lit up all Christmas, and the girls snuggled their grandparents. it was calm and quiet and relaxing and life is coming back together. If only I could ignore the internet.

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