December 15, 2016


I just read an essay by Patti Smith about performing, watched a few poems by Billy Collins and an article about how teaching is like performing about Teller from Penn & Teller. All three were shared with me by friends. Thank you friends for knowing me and bringing valuable content to my heart and mind.

I walked a lot today. Didn’t take he crutches and made a few trips to the library and the canteen and now there are sharp shooting pains and swelling. I am ready to run now. Swim. Jump. Skate and be back to normal. But I still hobble and gimp.

We went to dinner at Etna’s and I had a Negroni and some wine. I am deep into my vegan cheating stage until the new year- my pasta had cream and we shared Tiramisu and a Cannoli. It was delicious and the guilt was faint due to the exhaustion of the day.

Some times when I talk to one six grader about anything, a small mob of 5 or 6 will also gather around and listen- eyes wide and expectant. As if I might have some of the secrets of the universe. They seem so grateful for an adult who will listen to them and take them seriously. I guess in a way the feeling is mutual.

Tomorrow is a half day and I am excited to be in a joyous celebratory mood. Community day. Food. Gifts. Goodbyes and at 3:40 Rogue One in Imax 3D. It is extra sweet because the Nazis are trying to #dumpstarwars, and I will revel in everything that angers them- strong female protagonist and people of color rebels fighting a white-supremacists patriarchy. I am especially excited about Forrest Whitaker’s performance.

We watched School of My Dreams during our Daraja meeting today and I was fighting back tears thinking of you all in Kenya. Can’t wait to be back on campus in a few short weeks. It feels like forever since I have been back “home.”

It is 9:23 and my warm, clean, safe bed for which I am eternally grateful is not too far away.

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