December 16, 2016

Holiday and Rebel Music

Listening to early Brice Springsteen and enjoying a beer. Friends are off to all corners of the earth and we are here, again, but looking forward to healing, resting reading, writing, watching, eating and just getting back to normal after that blitzkrieg we called November.

Although, I frown on violence, there is something very satisfying about reading the story about how Chad Smith’s wife (drummer from RHCP) attacked Scott Baio while yelling Grab’em by the pussy.

Last day of school was mellow and uneventful. I don’t have much to say tonight. I am feeling better. Good. Great. Gonna listen to some tunes, watch some shows, read and call it a night. I don’t have to wake up at any time tomorrow and we have nothing planned, but maybe a few hours by the pool.

Last night’s play list by the way made me feel pretty great. Forgot to share:

  • Patti Smith- Because The Night
  • Pearl Jam- Gimme Some Truth
  • NOFX- You’re Wrong, Don’t Call Me White, Franco Un-American
  • Dead Prez- Police State
  • Public Enemy- Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos….
I got a letter from the government
The other day
I opened and read it
It said they were suckers
They wanted me for their army or whatever
Picture me given' a damn - I said never!

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