December 11, 2016

Season of Love

Because I can’t yet drive and because Mairin’s parents are here and because our car is small and because we are out-and-about all over town, Skye has been sitting on my lap in the front seat. Our cheeks are very close and all day long I have been stealing kisses. She has been burying her head into the crux of my shoulder, and the soft skin on her cheeks reminds me of when she was a baby. I subtly inhaled her smell and squeezed her as we drove from meal to meal.

As I was petting the cat on the bed today, I noticed that her front tooth was brown and chipped and aged. I always thought that she was indestructible and ageless, but further investigation revealed that she is missing quite a few teeth. She is fourteen (72 in human years) and so it makes sense that he body is deteriorating. Mairin immediately went out and bought her some soft wet food. She scarfed it down and seemed to enjoy the novelty of something new at her age. We could all wish for something little like that to bring us joy.

The afternoon was quiet and grey and ended with an early dinner at Chjimes. The weather was cool for Singapore, the lights festive, the food satisfying. I had few expectations for the day and it lived up to them. Slow and steady. Undemanding in its nonchalance.

Sometimes it might be best, when the world is upside down and spiraling out of control, to hunker down and hug the middle, somewhere near the centrifuge and hold on for dear life.  

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