December 18, 2016


People like happy pictures of happy people doing happy things. You go out. You spend time with your loved ones. You take photos. You post them. People like them and everyone is happy and festive and all life is good.

There is nothing wrong with this. On the contrary happiness feels good and is contagious and it is a breath of fresh air when you are tired and unhappy. You laugh. You smile. You tell stories. You drink a Bloody Mary for brunch. You nap. You have margaritas at dinner.

This was my day. Kids opened presents. I got over my anxiety of kids opening too many presents. I let it ride this time and absorbed my discomfort, until now when I let it out in this small burp-like complaint.

We looked at flowers. We ate. We walked around. I read. I slept. Every few hours I reminded everyone that we were on holiday.

I have a bit of a head ache and a low range buzz at the moment. The good parts of the day were wrapped in The Wall (I’ve got wild starin’ eyes…) and that is the nature of reality. It is good and bad and everything in between, like a spiral every minute, every day.

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