December 17, 2016


Today was a pretty great day for the start of the holiday. It involved:


Started the day with a nice coffee, raspberry jelly donut and almond croissant with Mairin at Baker and Cook. Lunch was veggie noodles, veggie dumplings, sprouts, green beans and rice at Tall Girl near Joo Chiat. (Although I accidentally ate a pork dumpling and the taste was so gross I almost threw up.) Had a few beers at lunch and then dinner was homemade tacos, followed by mulled wine and chocolate.


Made some progress on Born to Run. I am not loving it. It is okay. We get it Bruce- you worked hard and you love music. I’m a little over 200 pages in, the Born To Run era, but not sure if I have the stamina to finish. Will give it this week with a few power reading sessions.


A few naps.


Submerged the ankle to water and floated about a bit with Skye.

The news has me down again. The coup in North Carolina. The birth of #unpresidented. The shear idiocy of where we are headed.

When you create an angry, frustrated population who prides itself with anti-intellectualism and the “oppression” from the elites, then anything logical or smart sounds oppressive and anything flawed or stupid sounds like “the people.” It is a lose lose game for anyone who cares about facts, truth, education, ideas. We will always bury ourselves beneath our hubris.

See? Even using the word hubris is unwise. Maybe we need the best words, because we are like smart. That might be #unpresidented. It’s getting hard to have a brain or a heart and eyes and ears and watch what is happening. But we cannot stoop to their level: Education matters. Words matter. Learning matters. School matters. Ideas matter. Discourse matters.

But I was writing about a nice first day of our holiday. I ate and drank and slept and read and watched. I am not in a war torn country. I am not currently persecuted for the color of my skin or my sexuality. I am privileged and grateful and comfortable. I don’t admit these facts from a place of pride, but from a place of gratitude and understanding.

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