September 26, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge- Bathroom- Tubbin In Style

I still haven't hit my groove on the weekly SPC posts since I left Malaysia. I am too swamped trying to get settled into my new life to allow myself to be creative. The theme this month isn't really doing it for me either because my bathroom is still the least favorite part of our house. I was asked by overcomeyourfear to try and give some insight on bathrooms here in Doha, but honestly they are exactly the same as bathrooms everywhere, except that ours has shit plumbing.

I promise to give 110% next month, but meanwhile I am going to do something I have never done here at SPC, and that is post a picture I didn't take specifically for this project. This is actually a shot I took this summer as my wife, daughter and I were traveling in the states to see family. This was taken at an awesome tub at the Metro Hotel in Milwaukee.

I love taking showers and baths with my daughter; I guess because I realize that at some point soon, it will be weird for us to shower together so I am trying to enjoy it while I can. I think this shot says it all:


  1. that's a wonderful pic! you two look like you're having a lot of fun. :)

  2. How cute! I think this is perfect "groove!"


  3. she is adorable and i can almost *hear* the sweet nothings you're speaking into her little ears.

  4. too cute! i love this photo!

  5. nice to see you again, enjoy the times like this with you little girl they grow up so very fast.

  6. It's hard to get settled in after moving. I hate our bathrooms too - ugh, and we aren't even completely moved - we're just floating somewhere in between for half a year. It's still a precious pic.

  7. I love this!

    What a sweet moment to capture. Bath time with my kids was always my favorite, and now they are starting to get too old. *sigh* It was our daily thing, you know? I mean one of them was even BORN in our bath tub (like I showed in my SP a couple weeks back)... so it is sad to me to have to let go of that time together. But they all have to grow up sometime.

    She is beautiful!