January 6, 2011


It was weird. Today, when I saw the prompt for the Daily Shoot, there was a bright sun shower spilling into my kitchen. I immediately grabbed by camera and started snapping shots of the light and the shadows.  Sharp angles on door knobs, window sills, on the table and on the floor. Everywhere I looked there was contrast, but still nothing stood out.

My daughter was lingering around asking questions. I took a couple of posed photos of her hand in the light etcetera, but soon gave up. Then, suddenly, she was playing with a bucket of shells when I saw her foot dangling in the light. I did very little work in iPhoto as the prompt indicated.

Go high contrast today and make a photograph with tons of pop. Do as much in-camera as possible.
There is something very tender and feminine about this shot. I love the orange nail polish and the fuzzy orange light in the shadows. Reminds me of a ballerina's foot bathed in a spot light.

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